Industrial Units

  • NTPC Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Plants 2100 m.w (RSTPP):

    Rstps A Plant for handling of coal brought in wagons,unloaded automatically in motion and coal transferred to different locations through conveyer belt systems. Executed major civil works under simplex Delhi as main builders.

    • Track Hoper :

      R.C.C structure having a length of 250mts, a width of 15mts and a depth of 15 mtrs. below ground level complete in all respects.
    • Civil works for conveyer belt system for handling of coal from +_00 level to height of +52.00mts level including all walk ways and structure.
    • Auxiliary Buildings Crusher House :

      A building for crushing of coal having a height of 42mts above ground level.
    • Transfer points (T.P) :

      Different transfer points made at different elevations and levels for transferring of coal from one axis to other axis.
    • W.T.P :

      Entire civil works for water treatment plant.
    • Cooling Towers :

      Entire civil works for cooling towers for Nahar enterprises at Amloh.
  • Fertilizers Plants:


    Prilling towers : A R.C.C structure having a dia of 36mts and a height of 102mts above ground level, executed complete civil works from +_00 to + 102mts level.

    • Urea Plant :

      Complete civil works for urea plant and water treatment plant.
  • Opticals & Contact Lens Industries :

    • Bausch and Lomb (Ray-Ban) :

      A plant for contact lense and glasses at Bhiwardi (Ricco Industrial Estate ). A totally centrally A.C having a covered area of appx. 50000 sq ft.unit.
  • Textile Industries :

    • Spinning Plant :

      1. Complete civil works for Abhinav Cotspin Spin (BATALA).
      2. Complete civil works and design for Godson Spinners (BATALA).
  • Leather Units :

    Complete civil works for leather tannary and shoe manufacturing unit for Domino leathers (Kurali Punjab) total centrally Air conditioned and automatic plant having an area of 50000 sq.ft.

  • Pharmacutical Units

    • Sarv Bio Labs (Kalaamb) :

      Complete civil works for Pharmacutical Units for Sarv Bio Labs (Kalaamb) covered area of app. 35000sq.feet completed in 12 months.
    • Packing Units :

      Complete civil works for Micro Motion India LTD. Having covered area of app. 35000sq.feet in 12 months in all aspects.

Educational Units (Colleges & Schools)

  • TERII College

    • Adminisrative Block :

      Main Administrative Block in 4 floors having an area of 44000sq.feet completed in 12 months.
    • TERRI-A Polytechnic Block :

      Complete civil works for polytechnic block having an are of appx. 35000sq.feet in four floors completed in 9 monts.
    • Boys & Girls Hostel :

      Complete civil works for boys hostel covered area of 60000sq.feet in 3 blocks and 4 floors completed in 12 months in all aspects.
  • Ambala college of engeenering (Mithapur) :

    • College Building & Adminisrative Block :

      Complete civil work for Ambala college of engeenering Mithapur covered area executed one lac sq. feet in one year.
    • Boys Hostel Block :

      Complete civil works including interior and exterior of Hostel Blocks having a covered area of 40000 sq.feet in 4 floors completed in 9 months in all aspects.
  • M.M.U Paraclinic Block :

    Complete civil works for Paraclinic Block having covered area of 80000 sq. feet in 9 months.
  • D.A.V College (Sadhora):

    Complete civil works for D.A.V College (Sadhora) covered area of 30000sq. feet completed in 12 months.
  • Nursery School :

    Complete civil works for Nursery School in NTPC Township Ramagudam including interior and exterior total covered area of 9000 sq. feet completed in 6 months.
  • Vishwas Public School(Shahbad):

    Complete civil works for Vishwas Public School(Shahbad) building having an area of 12000sq.feet in 2 floors completed in 9 months.


  • Hospitals :

    complete civil works including interior and exterior for multi-specialty centrally AC hospitals.
  • Rstps
    • Dr. R.K. Mehndiratta Hospital :

      Complete civil works for Dr. R.K. Mehndiratta Hospital including all interior and exterior.
    • Dr. Sudhir Kapoor Hospital :

      Complete civil works for Dr. Sudhir Kapoor Hospital including all interior and exterior.
    • Rstps

      Bansal Eye & Maternity Hospital :

      Complete civil works for Bansal Eye & Maternity Hospital including all interior and exterior.

Residential Buildings


    Luxurious and comfortable type building with latest concepts and class one taste built in Ambala city .

    Now introducing a whole new world a world full of latest designs and concept for modernizing of old houses to new houses with totally new elements and concepts.

A Whole New World


    Modernization of old houses to new houses going on in full swing in a number of houses in and around Ambala.

Achievement And Architect in 2014 - 2016

Residential Building
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New Ventures


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